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Blue Water Grill turns its charitable impulses toward the PolyClinic

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Blue Water Grill is one of San Pedro’s fine dining establishments and one of its most community conscious. Good food and good citizenship go hand in hand — a feature of some of the islands best restaurants.

Every month the Blue Water Grill, here in San Pedro, Belize, picks a different fund-raising project and matches a certain amount of the funds raised from their guests.

December through February, for example, were dedicated to raising funds to refurbish Boca del Rio Park’s playground equipment — and they collected $10,234 to make it happen. They recently raised funds similarly for playground equipment at Central Park in downtown San Pedro.

This month, the popular restaurant has set a goal of $8,000 to buy a new electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) diagnostic machine for the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro PolyClinic, our only public medical facility on the island. Blue Water will match the first $2,000 raised and plans to continue this program into April if the whole $8,000 isn’t raised this month.

This is huge.

This past Friday, Blue Water Grill hosted the U.S. Ambassador to Belize, Carlos R. Moreno and his Embassy staff for their annual meet-and-greet with island expats.

And personal.

I know heart trouble. A year ago, I had a stent inserted into an artery. Most recently, a very dear Belizean friend was airlifted to the mainland with a severe heart problem that might have been diagnosed right here with the proper equipment.

With heart problems, time is always of the essence.

I am thrilled that somebody is turning this community’s immense charitable impulses toward a project that will benefit all islanders. The PolyClinic is a government operated facility that was originally launched by the local Lions Club to fulfill a badly needed service on the island. The PolyClinic does not charge for its services  and it welcomes all — residents, expats, visitors.

Secondly, I am a huge fan of the PolyClinic staff. Since a recent operation in Merida, Mx., I have been making regular visits to the clinic. I find the staff professional, skilled and deeply caring under often demanding circumstances. Not long ago, the PolyClinic expanded into a 24/7 operation, augmenting staff and services to meet the needs of this growing community.

They, in turn,  need — and deserve to have — lots of badly needed modern medical equipment and medical supplies.

When I found out what Blue Water was up to, I immediately went to the cashier’s desk and dropped money in the donation box.

I urge you to do the same, if you are on the island! Even if you aren’t planning on enjoying dinner or a drink at the beachfront bistro, drop by, drop some bills in the box and drop a few compliments on the community-conscious staff!

If you are not here, but hold an affection for Ambergris Caye, why not contact Blue Water Grill and press the “donate” button to show some #islandlove?

My friends have heard me speak of this in the past: I would love to see a regular fund-raising campaign for the PolyClinic, in the spirit of our two biggest island projects — Saga Humane Society and the local Red Cross. Both fulfill strong needs here on the island with the help of regular fund-raising events.

How can we tap into this powerful charitable impulse for the benefit of our only public medical facility, which services everyone from the island’s poorest resident to the most advantaged?



In Low Season, some of our favorite bistros close down, but some surprise openings too

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Nikolai Hebert of Casa Picasso lights up the bar with his traditional end-of-the-season flaming aperitif.
Nikolai Hebert of Casa Picasso lights up the bar with his traditional end-of-the-season flaming aperitif.


(Editor’s note: You can find an updated version of this list here.)

Welcome to Low Season. Or Slow Season.

It is that time of the year when hurricanes are possible and tourists are harder to find.

If you are on Ambergris Caye for the first time, you would not be faulted for assuming that Low Seasons means the time of year when the weather is absolutely fabulous and the crowds have thinned out. 

It is true. We are having fabulous weather. (Trying very hard not to think about the tropical hurricane named Danny that is edging toward us right now.) Read the rest of this entry »

In Belize, we finally made our move, and not where we thought we’d be!

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Here's part of the view from our living room porch in the new condo at The Cloisters. Next purchase: A fishing rod.
Here’s part of the view from our living room porch in the new condo at The Cloisters. Next purchase: A fishing rod.

A man paddles north in a kayak so brilliantly green that it matches the water beneath him.

A young Belizean in a sideways red ball cap, a basketball jersey and white baggy Gekko shorts, his hands clutching a small throw net, pursues a school of feeding snapper close to shore.

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