Leaving vs letting go

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My dear Belize friends,

We left this little island of tropical paradise more than two years ago. I didn’t think it would be this hard to let go.

Every day, Facebook memories conjures up some photographs from the nearly five years we lived on Ambergris Caye to remind me of what a special place it will always be. The place and the people.

Since moving to Mexico, I have found exciting new outlets for writing, both as a blogger and my more private (that is, incomplete and unpublished) attempts at fiction. You may have noticed some of the Mexico posts surfacing on the “Bound for Belize” blog that I once populated with our adventures in Paradise.

Some of you have enjoyed them. Some were (in communications) mystified as to why I’m posting Mexico stuff on a Belize blog. Some folks were really annoyed — seeing it as kind of a bait and switch.

I saw it as a way to stay in touch with old friends and according to “Bound for Belize” traffic, the numbers certainly went up with each post.

The time has come to stop using (and perhaps abusing) the “Bound for Belize” blog. I’m going to stop double-posting. (Also, some technical difficulties were recently pointed out to me and I just can’t fix them)

I still keep in touch with many of you through Facebook and your comments and images have been a wonderful adjunct to our new life. “Bound for Belize” will remain live, sort of as a time capsule to those five wonderful years.

If you still wish to follow my blogging — and that would thrill me to no end — you can now find me here: https://sanmiguelmusesandmagic.com/ .

If you are so moved, join me!

I’ve expanded the scope to sections on personal writings, commentary, fantasy, photography, and a day-by-day review of our Camino de Compostela last year, from Porto to Santiago, Spain. (The pictures in the last one are great. The writing? Meh.)

I love you all and thank you for your readership, patience, encouragement, corrections of spelling, and general good companionship.

— Bob Hawkins


Mama Mia makes a move and it is spectacular

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We poked our heads in and asked if we could take a peek. After scrubbing down, stomping feet in the wash, and temperatures taken, the hostess lead us around on a quick tour.

Look through any window

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Very few people — children, mostly — know that all around San Miguel de Allende there are portals that can transport you to unimaginable places.

No, sorry. That’s not right.

You have to imagine a place before you can be transported to it.

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Welcome to Wally’s World

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118472703_301379400963822_5669911192990209126_nMeet my new grandson, number four — Wallace George Hawkins via Welcome to Wally’s World

In the garden: A meditation with Van Morrison

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Add some flowers from the garden and Van Morrison to your life. Feel the calm. Breath in the peace. “No guru, no method, no teacher.”

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Schultzie’s transistor radio started a revolt

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Pocket-sized transistor radios were probably one of the first great subversive technologies. And smuggling one into a culturally hermetic community could spark a revolution.

That’s what happened when rock ‘n’ roll invaded the cloistered walls of my seminary. Thank God.

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