Belize: We have a departure date and four suitcases to fill

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We have a date. It is February 7. On that day, with two suitcases apiece, and probably a backpack each, we shall be leaving for Belize.

Picking a departure day wasn’t too arduous.  Rose and I have been talking about leaving in March but the speed with which our belongings are being bought up, distributed and discarded makes us think that sooner, rather than later, makes more sense.

So, we were driving through San Francisco recently … and started talking about “sooner.”

Rose says “How about February 7th?”

And I said, “Okay.”

And she said, “Okay, then.”

The conversation echoed an earlier one:

“Let’s move to a foreign country.”


“Okay, then.”

“How about Belize?”


“Okay, then.”

Another conversation was about where we will live. It went like this:

“How about San Ignacio?”


“Okay, then.”

This one actually has changed from week to week, between San Ignacio in the rainforest and San Pedro on the isle of Ambergris Caye.  As it stands, we are now moving to Belize on February 7th and living in San Pedro.

Okay, then.

But see? The big questions get answered quickly and easily. It is just all the stuff in between that takes time and effort.

Much of the effort from here on in will be filtered through a very specific matrix of questions:

Will it fit in our suitcases or backpacks?

Do we need it in Belize?

Do we really need it?

Can it be stored somewhere?

Do we really need it?

Can it be sold on Craigslist or in a spectacular January yard sale?

Can it be given away?

And finally: Do we really need it?

Once you have a timeline and a framework – also known as a deadline and four empty suitcases – what needs to be done before the move becomes clearer.

Okay, then.


2 thoughts on “Belize: We have a departure date and four suitcases to fill

    Lisa DeFrank said:
    December 19, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    You decided on San Pedro!!! Wonderful! I have been following your blog and last I knew I thought you had settled on San Ignacio. I think you will be happy in San Pedro. I am on a similar journey, thought I will only be spending 6 months in San Pedro from Jan through June, with two little ones in tow! We will be staying with my mother, who lives in San Pedro. I cannot wait!!! I think you both will be very happy there! Best wishes and perhaps we’ll run into each other and swap stories over a rum punch or two:) Safe travels!


      robertjhawkins1 responded:
      December 20, 2013 at 12:56 pm

      It was a close call, Lisa. I think eventually we’ll decide to spend some time in San Ignacio before settling on a permanent home. That we won’t need a car to get around San Pedro was a big factor and my lovely yoga/Pilates instructor wife feels she can be kept busy doing what she loves most on the island!
      But, as you probably know better than me, there is so much to discover in Belize. I wouldn’t be surprised if we some day decide that the southern districts Stann Creek or Toledo, as well as San Ignacio, are also contenders for a permanent home.
      How great that your kids will be able to experience Belize! We’re looking forward to meeting you all when we arrive!


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