Look through any window

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Very few people — children, mostly — know that all around San Miguel de Allende there are portals that can transport you to unimaginable places.

No, sorry. That’s not right.

You have to imagine a place before you can be transported to it.

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Welcome to Wally’s World

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118472703_301379400963822_5669911192990209126_nMeet my new grandson, number four — Wallace George Hawkins via Welcome to Wally’s World

In the garden: A meditation with Van Morrison

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Add some flowers from the garden and Van Morrison to your life. Feel the calm. Breath in the peace. “No guru, no method, no teacher.”

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Schultzie’s transistor radio started a revolt

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Pocket-sized transistor radios were probably one of the first great subversive technologies. And smuggling one into a culturally hermetic community could spark a revolution.

That’s what happened when rock ‘n’ roll invaded the cloistered walls of my seminary. Thank God.

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