If Belize were a fantasy video game . . . .

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… once you arrived at this Magic Portal you would have to cross the short but treacherous waters to reach the entryway. They are infested with strange and vile creatures which grab your ankles and pull you under, unless you have the Magic Cube from Level 3 which will freeze the water for 60-seconds  ….

magic door

…but even so, did you pick up the Magic Key in Level 2? The one guarded by the troll-like creature with massive arms and a host of weapons? Or did you simply skulk around him? Sorry. You must fight your way back for the key…

Gosh, I love this little dock in the Boca del Rio section of San Pedro Town. The design, the framing, the waters beyond — they beckon you to explore further. They just draw you into the little scene and inflame the imagination.

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