This is Belize: A murder in Paradise

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The murder on January 14 of Chicago online news producer Anne Swaney, 39, in western Belize,  has triggered a huge wave of concern, outrage and interest around the world, as well as here in Belize.

Swaney worked for ABC7 in Chicago and was a talented young woman with a most-promising life and career ahead of her. She was vacationing at Nabitunich Resort, an eco-resort just outside of Benque Viejo Town. The resort is not far from the very porous Guatemala border, on the Mopan River.

Early reports speculated that Swaney had been sexually assaulted but the recent autopsy report says this is not so.

Police know she had some sort of friendship with a staff member at the resort, formed during a previous visit. They have questioned the employee who last saw her alive. They know she gave up a spot on a trail ride because of a shortage of horses and instead walked down to a dock to practice yoga. Read the rest of this entry »