Video of flooding on Macal and Mopan rivers in San Ignacio

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Drone catches aerial view of flooding in San Ignacio Town, Bullet Tree and surrounding areas in the Cayo District from Hurricane Earl, posted by Victor Castillo.


Getting high on San Pedro

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A drone-eye view of San Pedro Town from this splendid little fly-by video.
A drone-eye view of San Pedro Town from this splendid little fly-by video. Blue building in the foreground is the Roman Catholic school. We live in the very white splotch at the top (north) end of the image.

On Friday morning I watched a little camera drone zipping in and around the lagoon and between buildings.

I’m used to watching birds fly by, fish leap from the water and boats skim across the lagoon.


Not your everyday experience here.

So, yeah, it creeped me out for a few moments.

And then of course I just had post a smarmy mention about it on Facebook. “… CIA drone … blah, blah, blah. ” (I don’t know why. It just seemed to be the thing to do.)

My cousin Scott responded with one better, way better: “Coming up on “We Found Robert Hawkins in Belize” on FNC, we follow Bob via the CIA/IRS/NSA/FNC/Century 21 Realty drone as he takes his morning bike ride to his favorite breakfast joint, then spends the rest of the day to ponder the question “What is that constant buzzing sound?” Stay thirsty my cousin, stay thirsty.”

But our friend Ruthie Rinehart came up with actual drone footage from San Pedro! It was a video shot by “ J Massey who used a DIJ Phantom Quad remote controlled copter” to capture our beautiful San Pedro from the air.

I have watched this video probably five times this morning, each time finding some as yet — to me — undiscovered corner of the town.

See the video here.

AmbergrisToday.com posted it to their site on April 24 so it is pretty fresh stuff.