The darkness draws us close: Merry Christmas

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Seriously, nothing to do with Christmas. But don't you love the festive color?
Seriously, nothing to do with Christmas. But don’t you love the festive color?

Some people say it is a holiday tradition, but for whatever reason, the power went out all over Ambergris Caye on Christmas Eve, around 6:30 p.m. I say it was that one last set of lights added to that one last house somewhere on the island that blew the circuits.

Anyhow, the island was blacked out.


Generators are very popular accessories. Even San Pedro Town has two giant trailer generators that kick in and keep the downtown lit.

Rose and I were up at Marbucks Coffee House which has its own generator. It kicked in quickly and the holiday cheer and goodwill went on undiminished.

I broke away from our gathering of friends and took a walk down to the old Palapa Bar, now dark and forlorn even when there is electricity. A walk out to the end of the pier confirmed that we were living on one dark island for the moment, save for that gloriously bright and round moon.

Maybe not such a terrible thing, I thought.

What’s the phrase? “Darkness draws us close.”

It strips away the shiny objects, the twinkling lights, the loud noise, the TV specials, the video games, the social media and for a couple of hours we are left with one thing only — those who are closest to us, the ones who mean the most … and that bright shiny moon.

In the darkness we reach out to each other, we hold tight and laugh and light some candles and realize there is nothing more to fear from the dark than a delayed dinner.

I understand that blinding snowstorms often achieve the same thing.

Well, for some Christmas — or other holiday — in the near future, I wish for you a region-wide two-hour power outage when the ones you love most are closest to you.

Merry Christmas from San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize.