Fly free . . . in Belize

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Look who is hanging out in the Tres Cocos area.
Look who is hanging out in the Tres Cocos area.

This magnificent creature was standing sentinel atop a palapa as I walked up the beach in Tres Cocos today. As I stepped toward the dock to get a better view the eagle emitted a sharp “Skree! Skree!”

The bird took flight as soon as I put my foot on the dock. A long slow sweeping crescent up the coast.

And quickly out of sight.

But what a sight.

As the pace and density of life slows on the island, this is a wonderful time for bird watching.

The small lagoon just south of us is rapidly filling with ibises, with their long legs and downturned bills — a little gawky, a lot graceful. If enough rain and fish replenish the lagoon, we might get to see some roseate spoonbills, too, so pretty in pink. And the always reliable sandpipers, gulls, herons and egrets  and our booming osprey clan.

I’m not a dedicated birdwatcher running around with binoculars and a telephoto lens hanging around my neck — but I could easily go that way if the local airshow turns much more spectacular.



One thought on “Fly free . . . in Belize

    Susan said:
    September 2, 2015 at 12:36 pm

    Good post! I will indeed bring binoculars on this trip!


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