Flyboarding: He’s up, up, up . . . and down

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skyboard2aWe watched our first flyboarder on Friday, down by Central Park in San Pedro Town.

Pretty cool concept: Use the thrust of a jetski to force a powerful stream of water through a platform, sending the bootstrapped “pilot” soaring up into the air.

When you see the pros do it on YouTube videos it is extremely impressive. They soar to fearful heights, bob, weave, roll, loop and dive with a deceptive ease and grace.


Amateurs? Not so graceful.

But give this new guy props. It took him only about four tries before he started to get the hang of it. And you could tell from his triumphantly upraised arms that he was psyched. Just moments before nosediving back into the brine.

You can’t lose concentration when hundreds of pounds of thrust are sending you skyward.


Flyboarding has been going on at the Split in Caye Caulker at lease since last December and this year it has come to San Pedro Town, right next to the concrete municipal pier.


It is fun to watch and I can just picture a bunch of hardcore snowboarders and skateboarders — thinking of you Brendan, Cami, Ryan, Jon, Caira, Chris and Katie –totally rocking the flyboard.

Come on down, kids!

skyboard 1



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