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You have to love how information travels these days.

My friend John East in San Pedro saw a post on the Forum about a wellness centre opening in San Pedro. He thought it would be of interest to my wife, Rose, as the owners are seeking yoga and Pilates teachers.

As it turns out, it is!

Rose already knows the women who started the Zen Arcade Wellness Centre from our visit in September-October, and is talking with them about picking up some classes after we move there next month.

But now I know a little more, too!

According to the post John sent, written by Noele McLain, the centre will offer a whole host of services for people, including a cafe, beauty treatments, a variety of yoga classes, meditation, counseling, therapy and “acupuncture, reiki, chiropractor, PT, mental health.” Whew!

The centre is located one block west of the Island Academy (which is on Coconut Drive), and right behind the Belikin distributor.

Brilliant idea, I think.

Zen Arcade provides space to be filled with whatever the entrepreneurial imagination and commerce can conjure, under the wellness umbrella. One-stop shopping for all your personal well-being needs.

John, by the way, keeps very busy both building a beautiful new home in San Pedro and writing about it. With the house mostly done, John is turning his writing to life on the island. Always an entertaining  part of my day when one of his “Belize — Building a New Life” blog items shows up in my mail queue!

In a matter of minutes, thanks to John’s e-mail I now know a little more about four San Pedro institutions: Ambergris Caye Forum, Zen Arcade, Island Academy and the Belikin beer distribution center. (Thank you, San Pedro Scoop, for the last one!)

My Belize education continues!

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